About the Spitfire

The Spitfire is a Light Machine Gun that uses Heavy Ammo and does 180 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 20 Damage Per Shot. It takes 3.33s to reload an empty magazine and 2.8s if you have some ammo already in the gun.

The Spitfire can attach Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Heavy Mag, Standard Stock, 1x Holo, 1x-2x Variable Holo, 1x HCOG Classic, 2x HCOG Bruiser, 3x HCOG Ranger, 2x-4x Variable AOG.


MagazineBodyshot DMGHeadshot DMGBodyshot DPSHeadshot DPSAmmo Type




April 16, 2019Reduced base damage: 2018
April 16, 2019Common mag extender reduced: 4540 rounds
April 16, 2019Rare mag extender reduced: 5545 rounds
April 16, 2019Epic mag extender reduced: 6055 rounds
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The spray pattern for the Spitfire

Spray pattern for the Spitfire

The spray pattern for the Spitfire begins at the bottom from the green dot, and works its way towards the top.

Note that getting a barrel attachment will reduce the recoil of the gun, depending on it's level, and thus reduce the amount of spread.

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