About the L-Star

The L-Star is an SMG that uses Energy Ammo and does 190 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 19 Damage Per Shot.

It is unique in that it doesn't have a magazine, but will overheat after sustained fire. Burst firing is best for recoil control and overheating prevention.


MagazineBodyshot DMGHeadshot DMGBodyshot DPSHeadshot DPSAmmo Type




February 4, 2020The L-STAR is no longer a crate weapon and can now be found around the map
February 4, 2020Now takes Energy ammo
February 4, 2020Reloading has been removed and the L-STAR will overheat after sustained fire
February 4, 2020Damage per shot decreased: 1918
February 4, 2020Rate of fire decreased: 1210
February 4, 2020Less horizontal viewkick when the weapon fires
October 1, 2019Substantial reduction to horizontal recoil
October 1, 2019Now comes equipped with 1x Digital Threat optic
October 1, 2019Decreased base damage: 2119
July 2, 2019Added to the game
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