Assault Rifle

About the Havoc

The Havoc is a Assault Rifle that uses Energy Ammo and does 202 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 18 Damage Per Shot.

It takes 3.2s to reload an empty magazine and 3.2s if you have some ammo already in the gun. The Havoc can attach Standard Stock, Turbocharger, Select Fire, 1x Holo, 1x-2x Variable Holo, 1x HCOG Classic, 2x HCOG Bruiser, 3x HCOG Ranger, 2x-4x Variable AOG.


MagazineBodyshot DMGHeadshot DMGBodyshot DPSHeadshot DPSAmmo Type




February 4, 2020Removed turbocharger
February 4, 2020Time between shots when using select fire decreased: .77.56
July 2, 2019Now takes energy mags
July 2, 2019Default mag size reduced
April 16, 2019Increased base magazine size: 2532 rounds
April 16, 2019Reduced cost per shot: 54
April 16, 2019Increased close range damage: 5560
April 16, 2019Increased damage at range: 4550
April 16, 2019Close range damage falloff increased: 35m75m
April 16, 2019Ranged damage falloff increased: 75m125m
March 7, 2019Increased availability of energy weapons & ammo in all zone tiers.
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