December 5, 2019
patch notes

Patch notes

The following patch notes were taken from an official Respawn Reddit post.

Hey gamers!

Respawn just put out a server patch for all platforms with MORE balance adjustments for shotguns, specifically the Peacekeeper! See below for specifics, as well as some info about The Game Awards 2019!


  • Decreased bolt hit size for Peacekeeper and EVA-8 (bolt = pellet)

    • Our goal here is to make it harder to land full chunks of damage while still making sure shots continue to feel consistent.
  • Increased shot spread for Peacekeeper

    • We want to preserve its bursty fantasy of precision and snapshots, as well as its playmaking potential but felt that it's been too strong at range so we’ve increased shot spread meaning that now players need to get closer in order to do full 100+ damage blasts with the Peacekeeper.
  • Increased spread on final Precision Choke level

    • This reduces the range that you can do full damage with a fully charged Precision Choke shot.


Apex Legends has been nominated for 4 (FOUR) categories in The Game Awards!!

The Game Awards is an annual award show for video games & eSports, that is taking place on 12th December 2019 in the Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles. The aim of the TGAs is to recognize the creative and technical excellence in the global video game and eSports industry, over a variety of different categories.

To show your support for Apex Legends in the TGAs, check out the below links:

You can vote using your Google account or register on the TGA site using Twitter/Facebook, and you can do this EVERY 24 HOURS! Hopefully, the community can get some dubs for Respawn, so show your support and make sure to tune into the TGAs on December 12th! (p.s. Green Day are playing live!)

Additionally, if you wish to support other games in the many other categories available, check out !

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