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Partner perks

Stream on our homepage

Whenever you go live, our system will automatically pick out your stream, and place it on top of our website. No matter how many viewers you have, you will get first priority.

Click here for a live example!

Discord chat

Connect with our community! Let them know who you are, and notify them when you go live on Twitch.

We want the best for our partners, and nothing beats the sparks between you, and our community.

So let them know when you're live! You will get your own @partner role, including a #Twitch-Name chat.

Your own partner page!

You can redirect people to Apex-Hub.com/partners/yourname if they have any questions regarding your streaming schedule, or contact methods.

We will include all your social media links, and all the necessary information you'd like our users to know about you!

Click here for a live example!

Get picked for fun events!

We want to connect with our community, and we believe that the best way to do that, would be to host it through our amazing partners.

We will contribute with all costs, and let you keep all the donations.

Still unsure about joining as a partner?

If you have any suggestions on how we can work together, contact us!

Contact us

Get in touch

For business inquiries, please use this form. For general feedback / game-related discussion, the best way to get in touch is to join our Discord.

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