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Interdimensional Skirmisher


Into The Void

Into The Void

Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage.


Voices From The Void

Voices From The Void

A voice warns you when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it's on your side


Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift

Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them*.


Hitbox: 100 ?

There’s a thin line between life and death. You’ll find me there.



Wraith is a whirlwind fighter, able to execute swift and deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality — but she has no idea how she got that way. Years ago, she woke up in an IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill with no memory of her life before. She also began hearing a distant voice whispering in her mind that would keep her awake for days on end. Despite nearly driving her insane, once she started to listen and trust it, the voice helped her harness her newfound power of void manipulation and escape the facility.

Determined to uncover her true identity, Wraith began a quest to find out more about the experiments. Many of the old research facilities, however, are buried beneath heavily guarded arenas used for the Apex Games. Now Wraith has joined the competition, and with every match she gets closer to the truth.

Heirloom Set

Wraith is currently the only Legend that has an available Heirloom. It is a specific bonus set that is available that has a super rare possibility of appearing in an Apex Pack. Heirloom Sets do not consume a full pack, you get it as a bonus. This set can't be crafted with Crafting Metals, and can only be found in packs.

Apex Legends currently has one bonus Heirloom Set available, which contains three items for Wraith -- Banner Pose, Melee Weapon Skin and Intro Quip. When a player opens an Apex Pack, there is a <1% probability of an Heirloom Set dropping. Heirloom Set drops do not deduct an Apex Pack from your inventory. Heirloom Sets cannot be crafted with Crafting Metals. A player cannot open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving an Heirloom set (assuming the player does not own all of the available Heirloom Sets). Once a player owns all of the Heirloom Sets, the player will not be eligible for this bonus until more Heirloom Sets are added to the game.

Wraith's heirloom set


April 4, 2019Octane’s Jump Pad no longer affects players when using Into the Void ability.
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